Top Things To Do In Grenada

St George's The Carenage

Grenada, also known as the Spice Isle, is a small but beautiful Caribbean Island. Famous for its fragrant spices, chocolate making and unspoilt beaches, it is definitely worth a trip to! We spent a week exploring Grenada and were drawn to its beauty and charm. From strolling along the colourful Carenage Bay to hiking through the rainforest and discovering flowing waterfalls, here’s our guide to the best things to do in Grenada.


St George's

Lets start with the Capital City of Grenada, St George’s. Thought of as one of the prettiest towns in the Caribbean, this vibrant city, with it’s bustling atmosphere has plenty to explore. Stroll along the narrow streets line with brightly coloured houses, shops and café’s. Learn about the historical buildings and take in the panoramic views from Fort George (See below for more). Make sure to check out the market square and discover the local spices and produce. Lots of traffic passes through St George so it is best to explore on foot. Everything’s is located close together as long as you don’t mind walking up and down the steep hills!

Top Things to do in Grenada: St George's Church
St George's Grenada


House of Chocolate

You can’t visit Grenada without getting involved in all things chocolate! Within the town of St George’s is the house of chocolate, a small museum, café and shop showing the history of chocolate. You can taste chocolate and buy bars and cocoa products from local sellers. Whilst in Grenada you can also check out a nutmeg processing tour at the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station. Take in the fragrance of the spice and see how they choose and package the nutmeg.

House of chocolate store front
Top things to. do in Grenada: House of chocolate


The Carenage

Take a stroll along the waterfront of the Carenage, a pretty inlet in St George’s. Admire the fishing boats of all shapes and sizes bobbing on the water against the colourful buildings lining the road.

The Carenage


Fort George

If you want to find the best views of St George then you need to add Fort George to your list of things to do in Grenada! Built in the 1700’s, Fort George, previously named Fort Royal, is the oldest fort in Grenada. The name was changed when the British took over the Island after King George III. It was previously used as a Battery and if you climb to the top you can see the cannons pointing out to sea. If you want great panoramic views of St George, the harbour and beautiful aqua waters of the Caribbean Sea then this is the place to be.

Tickets cost: EC$5 per person
Top things to do in Grenada: Fort George


Grande Anse Beach

Grand Anse is a world famous beach, thought of as one of the best in the Caribbean. It is a gorgeous 2 mile stretch of white sand looking out onto the crystal blue water and the town of St George’s. The beach is lined with hotels but due to its length it doesn’t feel crowded with people and we were able to easily find a spot to sit for the day. It is only a short drive from St George’s and we easily hopped on one of the buses. Just down the road from Grande Anse beach is Morne Rouge Bay, another beautiful stretch of beach which has been less developed with hotels making it a lovely uncrowded space to sit.

Top things to do in Grenada: Grande Anse Beach


Grand Etang National Park

Grand Etang National Park is definitely one of our top things to do in Grenada! If you love hiking and being in nature then this is definitely for you. Travel up into the hills and discover the lush green landscape filled with rainforests, lakes and waterfalls. There are many hiking trails within the park and we decided to do the Seven Sisters Falls. The trail down to the bottom waterfalls takes about 20-30 minutes through the rainforest. If its been raining then it can get a pretty muddy and slippery but they have walking sticks at the entrance which come in handy!

Grand Etang Seven Sisters Waterfalls

The hike down is fairly easy and once you get there you can swim in the refreshing pools of water at the bottom of the falls. If you’re up for more of an adventure then you can hike up to the top, which is more of a trek through the forest, and jump down each of the seven waterfalls one by one.


It costs EC$5 per person for the seven sisters as it passes through private property. You don’t need a guide if you’re just going to the bottom of the waterfalls but if you’re planning to hike up and do the jumps then its definitely recommended you have one.

Grand Etang Seven Sisters Waterfalls Walkway

We hopped on one of the buses from the main bus terminal in St George’s. It takes about 20-30minutes to get there from St George’s. If you are driving you can drive right to the ticket centre for the seven sisters falls. Within Grand Etang there are lots of different things to do including Annandale falls and Grand Etang Lake.


Day Trip to Carriacou

The charming island of Carriacou  is definitely one of the best things to do whilst in Grenada. The picturesque, friendly and relaxed island offers quiet beaches with clear water making it great for diving and snorkelling.


If you’re only spending the day then the ferry from Grenada leaves at 9am and the last ferry back from Carriacou is 3:30pm. The ferry journey takes about 90 minutes and tickets cost EC$80 one-way per person. Having visited we would have definitely liked to stay for a night or two on Carriacou to be able to explore more but due to ferry and flight times not adding up we couldn’t. But I guess that just means we’ll have to come back again!

Top things to do in Grenada: Carriacou


River Antoine Rum Distillery

The River Antoine Rum Distillery is the oldest functioning water-propelled distillery throughout the Caribbean. They still have a lot of the machinery from the 1700s and the rum making hasn’t changed much since then! Unfortunately they weren’t doing tours whilst we were there but we were able to buy some of their rum!

River Antoine Rum Distillery
Top things to do in Grenada: River Antoine Rum Distillery


Levera National Park

Travel right to the top of Grenada and you’ll find yourself away from the main tourist area. Not far from the River Antoine Rum Distillery is Levera Beach. A more rugged part of the island, this beach is a long isolated stretch of sand backed by eroding sea cliffs. It is protected from the months of May to September for sea turtles hatching. From the beach you can see Sugar Loaf Island with its pointed peaks. It is easiest to get here by car as you can drive straight up to the beach. If you are planning to get the bus then it is a 45 minute walk from where you get off to the beach. 

Levera National Park
Levera National Park


Underwater Sculpture Park

One thing we didn’t get to do but would definitely add to our list if we went back to Grenada is the underwater sculpture park. The park was designed to attract marine life and enhance the reef.  The sculptures lie about 3-5 metres underwater. Boat trips and tours will take you out to the sculptures and you can either snorkel or scuba dive to see them. 

Where to stay in Grenada

We would recommend staying in the south of Grenada near to St George’s. If you are planning to explore the island using the buses then it is best to stay in St George’s. The bus terminal is at the bottom of St John’s Street and the ferry terminal to Carriacou is a short walk to the other side of The Carenage. If you want a more relaxing beach holiday, then the most popular area is around Grand Anse where the main beach resorts are.

The Carenage
View of harbour from Fort George

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