Best Things to do in Saint Lucia

The Eastern Caribbean island of St Lucia is a mixture of beautiful bays, incredible marine life and amazing landscapes. With a variety of things to do in St Lucia, the island captivates visitors from all over the world. Spend your time exploring untouched rainforests cascading waterfalls, hiking trails through mountainous regions, discovering the striking Piton’s, or just relaxing on one of its many beautiful beaches.


Gros Piton Hike

View from the top of Gros Piton in St Lucia
Things to do in St Lucia - Climbing up rocks on Gros Piton hike
Top things to do in St Lucia - Petit Piton

Get ready for the climb as you hike up one of Saint Lucia’s most iconic landmarks. Gros Piton and Petit Piton are both located in the south of the island and are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Whilst you are able to climb both, Gros Piton is the most famous and surprisingly easier to climb than Petit Piton!

Hiking up Gros Piton in St Lucia

Gros Piton is over 2600ft tall and the average time to get up and down is 4 hours, depending on your fitness level. You will have a guide with you to show you the way up and down. It is a lot of climbing over rocks and the steps can be steep but it is worth it for the view at the top! Make sure to wear good trainers and comfy clothes. Be warned you will be a sweaty mess by the time you get to the top, or at least we were!

Tickets: US$50 per adult & includes your guide


Sulphur Springs and Soufrière Volcano

You’ll smell it before you see it! Sulphur Springs is one of Soufrière’s biggest tourist attractions alongside their mud baths. It is advertised as the world’s only ‘drive-in volcano.’ It is more like a U-shaped valley due to one of the walls being blown off during an eruption. You are taken on foot along the platform with a guide who explains the process and the history of this dormant volcano. Like we said, you’ll definitely notice the eggy smell due to the sulphur but the views out over the springs and pools of mud are other-worldly.

Top Tip

We booked ourselves a day tour with Sulphur Springs St Lucia which included Sulphur Springs, the mud baths, snorkelling at Sugar Bay beach and Toraille waterfall. The tour was really great for us as we didn’t rent a car and meant we could get transported to places easily. However, it can mean you don’t get to spend as long as you like in places!

Things to do in St Lucia Sulphur Springs
Sulphur Springs Volcano


Mud Baths

Get down and dirty in the mud baths! Within the same area as Sulphur Springs, the thermally heated river was blocked to create 4 small pools. You use the mineral-rich mud from within the buckets to lather yourself up before jumping into the warm pools to wash off. The mud is thought to have great healing properties for conditions like eczema, arthritis and sore joints and, after a dip, you’ll emerge feeling younger!

Mud baths at Sulphur Springs
Couple in mud baths at Sulphur Springs



The seaside town of Soufrière was the original capital of St Lucia when occupied by the French. It is a colourful mix of houses and shops along the seafront. From the beach you can see the beautiful Petit Piton rising from the sea. It is a great place to base yourself to see some of St Lucia’s top attractions.


Sugar Bay Beach

Nestled within the rainforest is the beautiful Sugar Bay Beach, regarded as one of the best on the island. Spend a day relaxing on the pristine white sands and swimming in the turquoise waters. From the beach you have amazing views of the two pitons towering either side. To access the beach you need to buy a day pass through the Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort which costs $50.

Things to do in St Lucia view of Sugar Bay Beach

Top Tip

If you are staying in Soufriere and have a car we found another beach that was super quiet and beautiful! It’s in the district of Choiseul, if you find The View restaurant there is a road leading down to Anse L’lvrogne Bay where you’ll find the beach.

Beach Sunset couple
Walking along the beach


Diving and Snorkelling

Dive right into the turquoise waters as you explore everything St Lucia has to offer under the waves. Anse Piton Marine Reserve is located at Sugar Bay Beach and is cordoned off so boats can’t get to it. This helps with the preservation of the reef and there are many different varieties of fish at home here to see! If you aren’t spending the day at Sugar Bay Beach then you can get a water taxi or boat to the bay and swim to the cordoned area.


Chocolate Making

The Rabot Estate in the south of the island near Soufriere is owned by the brand Hotel Chocolat. You can discover the chocolate making process with their tree to bar experience. The 140-acre estate, filled with cacoa trees, is used to produced their own chocolate.


During the tour you’ll discover the cacao groves nestled in the rainforest before getting the chance to make your own chocolate bar. Not to mention getting to taste some delicious cacao cuisine. The Rabot Estate is a centre of excellence for sustainable farming and ethical cacao growing.

Things to do in St Lucia cacao tree
Cacao tree



There are plenty of waterfalls to discover in St Lucia. We decided to check-out Toraille waterfall. Like most tourist attractions it was busy at the waterfall! Probably due to its easy access and being near to sulphur springs. But everyone was lined up so you each get a chance to stand under the waterfall and get your pictures. As Jay found out, standing right under the waterfall can feel like thousands of pins hitting your back! Other waterfalls to check out are Piton Falls, Superman Falls and Diamond Falls.

Toraille Waterfall St Lucia


Castries Market

Spend some time rubbing shoulders with the local vendors and haggle over souvenirs in Castries Market. This large open-air market is split into two sections, one for fresh fruit, veg and local spices and the other for souvenirs. The market is open everyday apart from Sunday but the best time to visit is on a Friday or Saturday morning when the markets are at their busiest.

Things to do in St Lucia Castries market stalls


Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island in St Lucia is a must for anyone visiting the Caribbean island. It is full of rich history and amazing views. Therefore, it has been named a National Landmark. Located in Rodney Bay, it consists of 44 acres of forests, peaks, grassland and beaches. Previously an island, it was connected to the main land in 1972 via a causeway. 

Things to do in St Lucia Pigeon Island Military Ruins
Pigeon Island view of Fort Rodney


Rodney Bay Marina

One of the highlights in the north of St Lucia is Rodney Bay Marina. Here you’ll find sleek yachts bobbing on the water and a variety of cafés, restaurants and shops. Our favourite was Elena’s which is popular for ice cream but we enjoyed great coffee and food whilst sitting by the water!


Reduit Beach

This beach is supposedly the best in Saint Lucia. Although it is a lovely stretch of white sand, we found it to be super busy due to all the hotels and it is covered in vendors and sun loungers. As you enter the beach you’ll find the beach bars and restaurants and if you turn left and walk to the far end then you’ll get to the quieter area away from the crowds!

Reduit Beach St Lucia

Getting Around St Lucia

As there is a mix of things to do in both the North and South of St Lucia we would definitely recommend hiring a car to make it easy to get around. The roads are very windy especially in the South which can mean long bus journey’s between certain places. If this is not an option then their public transport is good and we used it during our time there. Just make sure where you are staying is fairly near to bus stops to save you having to walk long distances!

St Lucia Sunset with Palm tree

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