3-Days in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik City Walls

Head to the south of Croatia and you’ll find the city of Dubrovnik. It’s one of the most popular Croatian cities to visit and it isn’t hard to see why! It was definitely one of our favourite places to explore. There’s a lot that will draw you into Dubrovnik’s charm; the delicious food, historic architecture and beautiful views of the Adriatic sea. Here’s our top things to include in your travel itinerary if you have 3 days in Dubrovnik.

3-days in Dubrovnik: Dubvrovnik old city walls
3-days in Dubrovnik: old town street

Day 1

Walk The Old City Walls

The main attraction in Dubrovnik is the old city walls which surround the medieval old town. From above you get to look out onto the cluster of red-roofed houses on one side and the adriatic sea on the other. You can walk the walls by yourself or if you fancy learning more about the history, you can book yourself on a walking tour.

Top Tip

With tour groups arriving it can get quite busy so we’d recommend getting to the walls early (opening time is 08:00). It also means you avoid the midday sun as there is no shade when walking the walls.

Explore The Old Town

Spend the rest of the day in the Old Town, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. Wander down the beautiful cobbled streets and browse the many shops. Whilst exploring, you’ll likely  arrive at The Stradun, also thought of as the main street of the Old Town. As no cars are allowed in the Old Town you are free to walk the 300 metre length of The Stradun through the centre. Both sides of the streets are full of wonderful restaurants, cafes and shops.


If you haven’t already taken in the beautiful historic architecture of Pile Gate when you entered the Old Town, now is the time. A beautiful stone gate dating back to the 1500’s at the entrance to the old town.


Another stop on the list is Rectors Palace, a gothic renaissance palace now turned into a history museum. It’s worth having a stroll around the old town in the evening to see the Palace columns lit up.

Croatia Road Trip: Dubrovnik city roofs

Day 2

Sea Kayaking & Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is a nature reserve which you probably saw when you were walking the city walls. Whilst there, walk through the Botanical Gardens before exploring the Benedictine Monastery. For great views head to Fort Royal, the highest point on the island. The Island also has it’s very own dead sea, a small salt lake with crystal waters making it the perfect sunbathing spot.


If you’re prepared to get active there are plenty of places to rent a kayak. Start by paddling along the city walls before making your way out towards Lokrum. There’s also a lot of different group tours you can join. If you aren’t keen on kayaking to Lokrum then you can take the 15 minute ferry across to the Island.

Jazz bar

There’s plenty of restaurants for you to choose from in the evening but one thing you shouldn’t miss out is enjoying an evening drink whilst listening to some live Jazz music played out on the streets of the old town. We stopped at the Troubadour Jazz Cafe and the music was amazing!

Day 3

Cable Car

Take a ride all the way up the cable cart to the top of mount Srd and you’ll get a great view of dubrovnik below. You’ll also find the war museum and a restaurant at the top. For a truly amazing view go in the evening to watch a beautiful sunset from the top of the hill. If you’re feeling fit there is also the option to hike up.

Explore the Harbour & Relax on the Beach

To end your 3 days in Dubrovnik on a more relaxed note, have a wander around Dubrovnik’s pretty harbour. Dine at one of the restaurants whilst looking out over the water and watch the boats come and go.


If the weather is looking good then it’s worth checking out some of the beaches Dubrovnik has to offer. We spent most of our time at Banje beach, the closest to the city. Whilst it isn’t a sandy beach you can rent sun loungers and deck chairs for the day. Due to its location it can get pretty busy here especially in the summer months!

3-days in Dubrovnik: Dubrovnik Harbour

When to Visit Dubrovnik

To avoid the crowds, it’s best to visit Dubrovnik in the early or late summer months (May-June and September-October). This way you can still enjoy the warm weather whilst being able to explore the city without large amounts of tourists. In July and August prices are at their highest and it can get really hot by the afternoon.

Getting to Dubrovnik

If you’re coming from abroad, Dubrovnik has its own airport which you can fly into from various European countries as well as from Split and Zagreb from within Croatia. From the airport it’s a half an hour drive to the old town.


If you’re travelling to Dubrovnik from within Croatia the easiest way to get there is either by car or bus. Most bus lines will take you through Dubrovnik to the old town. The old town is a car free zone so if you are driving you’ll need to find somewhere to park. There are plenty of car parks but be aware it can get tricky to find a spot in the high season!

Croatia Road Trip: Dubrovnik Harbour

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