United Kingdom

Currency: British Pound
When to Visit: May to October
Language: English

A Weekend in the Cotswolds

A Day in Bourton-on-the-Water

So you're going to the United Kingdom?

England is where we both live and grew up so we’ve explored plenty of the country. When most people think of England, they think of the Capital, London. Which isn’t a surprise when it’s visited by millions of tourists each year. Whilst there are plenty of big cities to explore throughout the country. England is also filled with beautiful green countryside, coastlines and woodland.


There are 46 areas of outstanding natural beauty in England to explore. If you’re looking for places to walk and take in the countryside then head north to the peak district or more centrally to the Cotswolds. If you want a coastal holiday then make sure you check out Cornwall or Dorset. Obviously that’s just naming a few, there are many more throughout the country. Although England is the largest country in the United Kingdom it is relatively small and you can get to most places within a day from London on the train or by car.


If you’re looking for a sunny holiday then England probably isn’t your best bet! The weather is touch and go most of the time but we generally see the sun from around May to the end of September. But be prepared for rain, thunder and wind even in the summer months. Living here you get used to it!

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