Hey there!

We're Tilly and Jamie. If you're reading this, welcome to our travel blog, With the Waves! You may be wondering, what is With the Waves? What can I expect? Well, first things first...lets set some expectations. Is With the Waves an award-winning travel blog?...Nope. Is it affiliated with big brands, travels companies and hotels?...Nope. Is it a small, independent travel blog run by a British couple who have embarked on their travel journey with very little experience and knowledge?…Absolutely!

Our Story

We originally started planning our first big backpacking trip for the end of 2020. However, like everyone else, the pandemic turned our plans upside down meaning we had to wait. We were lucky enough to continue working throughout the pandemic but it made us realise how much we wanted to explore the world. Whilst we were in lockdown, we used the time to save as much money as we could and started creating this blog. After many hours and arguments about fonts, colour, themes, you name it, we finally published it in the spring of 2021 (it looks very different now to how it did back then).

One of the main reasons we decided to create the blog was to encourage us to take more photos. We have always been rubbish at taking any pictures on holidays and documenting our adventures. This blog pushes us to capture those special moments and once in a lifetime experiences so that we have memories to look back on forever.

At the end of 2021, we were finally able to quit our jobs and bought a one way ticket to the Caribbean…I know, who goes backpacking in the Caribbean? Turns out not a lot of people as it’s bloody expensive!


With our two backpacks bursting at the seams, a budget camera and little knowledge of photography, we muddled our way through. Although we had a pretty tight budget and had to skip out on the luxury hotels (that mainly Tilly longed for), we had an amazing time. Now we’ve dipped our toes into the freedom and joy of travelling, we have fallen in love with exploring new places and all the people we get to meet along the way.


We look forward to sharing all our travel experiences with you and hope you’ll stick around to muddle your way through with us! These guides and tips are based on our honest experiences in each place we’ve visited. From flights not existing to forgetting you needed a visa to enter a country, we’ve done it all and we’re sure there’s more mistakes to come.


We also realise that travelling, if done poorly, can be damaging to the environment and communities. One of our aims is to show that sustainable travel is possible and promote and share ways that other people can achieve this. All the guides and photos you see on the website are created by us. We don’t claim to know everything about each place but have included what we feel is important from the places we’ve visited and the things we’ve learned. As you can see, we’re learning all of this as we go and we’d love for you to stick around for the ride. We’ll share with you our tales and adventures from around the world that are sure to have ups and downs, hard-learned lessons, nuggets of wisdom and moments which bring laughter. Hopefully this ignites a fire within you to one day head out the door and explore too! 

And lastly, a big thank you for visiting our blog, we really appreciate it!